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Athena Swan 2018 and WGRiITN 2019

The Women Graduate Research in IT Network first formed in 2015. The Network has experienced a revival this year and will start 2020 energised and full of impressive ideas.

There are new representatives in place as well; at Caulfield  Caitie Doogan, at Clayton Fariha Jaigirdar, and at Malaysia, Najini Arachchige. Network activities this year included:

  • Hosting an International Women’s Day event;
  • Network meeting to discuss initiatives;
  • Hopper Down Under representation; and
  • Sponsoring the attendance of five GR students at the Women in Tech Conference in Sydney in September. 

Those attending the Women in Tech Conference said taking part in an industry focused event rather than a research conference was a new experience and provided them with opportunities to network with CIOs, CEOs and IT Industry leaders they would not normally have direct access to. This was invaluable for their future careers.

J. Holden, C. Doogan, N. Anantharama and W. Buntine.

Athena Swan Annual Event was held on the 30th of August 2018 as part of Monash University’s Diversity and Inclusion week to celebrate Monash’s diverse community and strengthens inclusive culture.

Caitie Doogan, Nandini Anantharama, Julie Holden , Anne Nicholson and Wray Buntine attended the Athena Swan event  on Untangling unconscious bias. All five said the learn more than expected about the challenges and benifits of diversity within STEMM. Caitie commented:

I was pleased that they talked about what to do when we have heterogeneity and how this does not equate to diversity in STEMM.

Caitie Doogan
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