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Data Science Podcasts we love

Ahhh Podcasts, the ear joy we love to listen to.

If you are anything like us, your AirPods will be permanently implanted in your ear, and your significant other will regularly get told ‘hold on, I just need to pause this podcast’ when they try and speak to you.

Whether you enjoy fiction, current affairs, comedy or learning about new skills, there is a podcast for almost everything. So we at the LDS thought we would share our most beloved Data Science podcasts with you.

Partially Derivative – USA

Sadly ending in 2017, Partially Derivative was a standout favourite of ours Each episode the three hosts, Jonathon, Vidya and Chris get together and talk about everything from the latest trends and innovations, failures and launches, social impact issues and hilarious examples of applications such as the ANN generated 8th Harry Potter book. Check out all 103 episodes here or on whatever platform you use.

Data Science Ethics – USA

Fricken love this podcast. Mainly because there is such a big call for people in the fields to start addressing these issues. These ladies explain ethical concepts we encounter every day with examples like Blockchain, Morality in Machines, NLP and Googles AI generated assistant. Head over to their site for all the episodes here.

Data Futurology – Australia

A relative newcomer hosted by Felipe Flores, a Data Scientist and self-described Data Futurologist. Felipe’s podcast is a winner when it comes to industry based Data Science, he interviews a variety of industry leaders in Australia and internationally. If you want to understand how Data Science is being employed in industry head here to listen.

Linear Digression – USA

Ben and Katie talk about various Machine Learning and Data Science tools and get you up to speed on the State of the Art. They spend 15 minutes or so to explain these tools and how the word in a way that isn’t basic, but it isn’t so difficult that you feel stupid (there is a lot of podcasts that over explain this way). Examples of topics include Word2Vec, Capsule Networks, Git for Data Science, Agile Data Science and Fractal Dimensions. Hear them gently explain everything here.

Data Skeptic – USA

A long-running podcast by Kyle Polich who covers everything from domain expert interviews, tutorials and advice. Kyle is a magnificent presenter and calls a spade a spade, he calls bullshit on a lot of the detritus floating about around Data Science. Episodes go between 15 to 60 minutes and cover technical concepts like NLP, time-series and gamification and are pretty much ‘Data Science easy listening ‘.

The O’Reilly Data Show – USA

A fairly technical podcast often reserved for long car trips or plane rides. Ben Lorica hosts the podcast, interviewing industry experts and getting into the nitty gritty of the latest trends in both academic and industry-based Data Science. Ben isn’t exactly the smoothest host, but you will definitely be well informed. Listen here.

Concerning AI – USA

Amazing discussions on the socio-technical implications (good and bad) that are emerging from the wonderful world of AI. They offer a debate/discussion style format where the two hosts Ted Sarvata and Brandon Sanders. Concerning AI is a bit of a trailblazer as it introduces the discussions of ‘existential risk’ of our craft in an assessable format. Have a listen here.

Data Stories – USA

This is a podcast with a focus on visualisation – super important. The hosts Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner are experts in the field and interview guests from both industry and academia. They do an awesome job of allowing the people they interview to guide the story. This isn’t always the case in some podcasts. The narrative style makes for easy listening, particularly for those in academia. Head over here to listen.

Of course, there are many more, but these are the standouts that are pinned to our favourites list. If you aren’t a podcast listener we highly recommend this for passive learning. Our prefered platforms are Stitcher, Castbox and Podcast Player.

Now go get some ear joy!

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